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Trade accounts

If you're a beauty professional, whether you work from home or in a salon, don't forget to ask about our trade accounts!  Nailtopia's online salon accounts give you access to trade discounts as well as a growing range of products that are only available in our Salon Zone!

Just email us at to find out more.


Nail sticker application:

Always test products with your systems! Not only will this enable you to practice and perfect, try out designs and show off your own fabulous nail art, it will also enable you to give your clients after-care advice and advice on protecting their nail art.

Different types of stickers behave differently. Some of our stickers are 3D so they are slightly raised and more subject to wear and tear. Stickers from different manufacturers eg Dear Laura might behave differently to Nailtopia branded designs.

For greatest adhesion, always apply nail stickers before the varnish is completely dry. It needs to be touch dry so that it doesn’t smudge but not completely dry.  Drying time will depend on the polish you are using and the type of nail you are applying it to (natural vs acrcylic).

Use tweezers or an orange stick to remove the nail stickers from their backing sheet and to place them on the nail. Once the sticker is in place, pat it down firmly and gently all around with an orange stick.

Top coat! We recommend using two layers of top coat and advising clients to top up their top coat every other day.


Nail stickers are non-toxic and non-acidic. However, they do contain synthetic latex so may not be suitable for latex allergy sufferers.

After care

Clients can remove nail stickers using their regular nail varnish remover. Some very hard-wearing stickers (our Ice Gems collections for instance) may need to be soaked in warm water to make them easier to remove.

Exposure to heat and water will soften both nail varnish and stickers so clients are recommended not to take their nail art into saunas, soak their nails in hot baths and to ask someone else to do the washing up!