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Real Photo Art nail stickers

Nailtopia has just launched a revolutionary new range of nailAFS_chip_01web.jpg stickers.

Thinner than a human hair, super-flexible and based on detailed photo-real images, Real Photo Art nail art stickers show incredible detail in vivid colours.


These super-thin nail stickers are only 0.09mm thick, which means that they flex easily to the nail’s surface and give lasting wear.

 The new range includes:

  • Floral designs: the amazing detail available in Real Photo Art means that flowers are show in vivid detail and amazing colours
  • Butterflies: butterflies come alive in amazingly vibrant colour and detail
  • Cute creatures: choose cats, dogs and even rabbits realistically represented on these super-thin stickers.
  • Romantic angels: the Romantic angels designs have a beautifully retro feel.  Hugely popular for Valentine’s day and weddings!

Real Photo Art is exclusively distributed in the UK by Nailtopia Ltd.  Visit or call us on 020 8674 8824 for a catalogue.