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Nailtopia's Nail Art Gallery - a great source of inspiration and ideas!

Browse through our gallery to see some lovely designs created using Nailtopia's nail stickers by clicking on the images and links below.



May 2014

These designs were created using our new May nail sticker collection - some great ideas for floral and summer holiday manicures and pedicures! 


Your nails

Designs created by you! If you'd like your nail art to feature here, please email us at


April 14

A quirky selection of designs created with our April 2014 nail stickers - these include some lovely fantasy themed nails.


Summer 2013

Safari and South Seas themed nail art using nail stickers from our Summer 2013 collection.  Some of these nail stickers are now discontinued but you'll find similar designs in our May14 collection.


Floral designs

Floral designs are hugely popular for nail art and are enduringly pretty. We've put together a selection of floral images to inspire you.  We always have floral nail art stickers available at Nailtopia!


Spring 2013

More florals plus cute, fun and downright funky nail art ideas using designs from our Spring 2013 collection of nail stickers.



Christmas is a great excuse for nail art! Browse designs using snowflakes, santas, snowmen and more...



Spooky, scary and just plain fun - our Halloween nail art gallery will help you create amazing Halloween nail art.


Lovely leopard print

Everyone loves leopard print - in this gallery, we show you lots of different ways to use leopard print in your nail art.


Valentine's day

Show your love of nails with our romantic Valentine's nail art ideas!


Featured nail artist: Yoland Chow

Insipration from Spanish nail artist Yolanda Chow - Yolanda creates inspiration nails using Nailtopia nail stickers and acrylic sculpting.


Nail art tutorials        

We've gathered together lots of oh-so easy nail art tutorials for you to follow.               


Blog reviews

Nail art bloggers share their images and ideas using Nailtopia's lovely nail art! Thank you!


If you would like your work to feature in our gallery, please email