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Christmas nail designs

Christmas nail art gallery

This collection of nail art designs has been brought together to give you inspiration when planning your seasonal nail designs.

It includes images of nail stickers from current and previous collections.  Where designs have been discontinued, we've recommended similar designs in this year's collection where they are available.

Facebook Christmas designs page:

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2012 Christmas nail tip designs
Our new white snowflake design placed on lemon yellow polish with gold glitter tips!
More white snowflakes, placed over a white shimmer polish with rhinestones and dazzlings.
New gold snowflakes on a pink-mix background.
You can try our new silver snowflakes against a wide range of complementing or contrasting colours!
Create two-tone pink nails by using a darker shade at the tip and blending with a line of glitter polish.  Place white and gold snowflakes from our 'Let it Snow' pack below to create a snowy effect!
Create two-tone blue nails, using a silver glitter striper to define zones, then apply white and silver snowflakes from this 'Let it snow' pack for your own ice storm!
Use our pastel snowflakes against light colours for prettiness and dark colours for dramatic contrast!
Use these delicate white Christmas themed designs over light colours for subtle nails or against dark colours for contrast.  Here we've added them to glitter tips.
Use our Merry Christmas stickers for Christmas card nails!  Use them against traditional Christmas colours like red, pink and gold and add lines using co-ordinating stipers for that Christmas present look.
These lovely new nail stickers let you create Christmas jumper nails!  We've used the white version here on complementary bands of pink.
Or use the red version for a bolder design - and nails your granny might knit!


White snowflakes (WR10) - our best selling winter design for 2011.  This has been replaced in 2012 with an updated version, YSJ1 White snowflakes.


Cherubs with Gold (RS04) - 

These cute cherubs look great with snowflakes for a really seasonal look. This design comes in white or, for more winter glamour, choose our white version trimmed with gold!

Xmas_chip_rs04.jpgChristmas chip_SC-04.jpg


Cherubs - white (RS03)



Silver snowflakes 

As well as white snowflakes, we've got some metallic alternatives for you. These silver snowflakes are really pretty - use them against a dark background colour for extra emphasis.



Gold snowflakes


Snowflakes with abstract silver 

Silver always goes will with snowflakes - perhaps it's a frost thing! Our White snowflakes with abstract silver trim are just the thing for winter nails! The stickers are shown here on blue and purple nails.


Coloured snowflakes 






Our snowy santas pack is hugely popular - it's just the right balance of cute snowmenm romantic snowflakes and elegant reindeer. For lots of versatility, choose this pack to create both fun and elegant christmas looks.


Christmas Cheer (CR1): This design uses stickers from our best-selling Christmas design. Here, nail stickers have been combined with rhinestones on a festive red polish. The Christmas tree on the thumb nail is made using the fir boughts from our Silent Night (CR2) pack - the cross on the ring finger is from a pack that has now been discontinued.



Silent Night (CR2): The design below uses the amazing golden reindeer and snowment stickers from this hugely popular Christmas nail art design. The holly and present nail art stickers are featured in our Christmas Cheet CR1 pack while the feathers are from our CR11 pack.



Discontinued winter designs

The designs below have now all been discontinued but we thought you might like to see some of the designs we've created.

Snowflakes and star flowers make a great combination. The flowers have tiny silver centres. And even better, both are available in a single pack! They are shown below on a blue polish and then on a creamy pink.






White snowflakes (WR10): White snowflake nail stickers are a must for winter nails as they combine well with any number of nail colours. This season, our must-have snowflake nail sticker pack is stylishly geometric. The two images below, both provided courtesy of Gloria Mason and using snowflake designs from previous years, show how snowflakes can be used to great effect.


 Image copyright Gloria Mason 2006.


 Image copyright Gloria Mason 2006.


From last year's collection, these silver snowflakes look great against a cool blue. Recreate this look using this year's light silver snowflakes.


 This nail design uses another discontinued design that is almost identical to this year's Jack Frost white pack which features cuter cherubs and an updated snowflake shape.


 This cute, fun Christmas design is based around a gold and white colour theme - perfect for winter reds!


This image uses a different seasonal colour theme to help you create nails based around yellow, red and green. Unfortunately, this pack is not available for 2009 so the image is shown for insipiration only!


For super-cute traditional nails, our Jolly santas are just the thing! Here they are shown on a golden polish.


Use snowmen for a different take on Christmas nails - they look right at home on a frosty white background!


The design below features another pack that isn't available for 2009, but you can recreate the look by using WR10 white snowflakes on a red background.


Alternatively, these snowmen look great with red and white too!cg_xmas-set1.jpg

More cute seasonal nail art featuring our Jolly santas !