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How to...create our party nail art design

Nail Art tutorial

Pary design by Keeley Dennsychene

This lovely design for evening/party nails was created for NailtopiaPicture-115_flipped.jpg by top nail artist Keeley Dennyschene. To recreate this look, you will need:



1. First, prepare your nails then varnish using a French colour of your choice.  

2. When varnish is touch dry, use the black varnish to paint the tip.  Aim to do this in one sweeping stroke across the free edge of the nail to create a smooth smile line.





3. lift the nail sticker from the backing sheet with tweezers or an orange stick.  In creating this design, a slightly different 'swirl' has been used on each nail.

4. Place nail stickers gently on nail - when you are happy with their position, pat down with an orange stick.




5. To make the design super glamorous, Keeley created a row of glitter along the smile line. There are three ways you can do this:

  • Apply a fine line of nail art sealer along the smile line then carefully drop clear crystal stones in a row along the line.
  • As a time-saving alternative, just apply a strip of our gel stones along the smile line - they are self-adhesive and already arranged in a line so all you need to do is apply them just like a nail sticker!
  • Use a silver glitter striper to draw a line of silver glitter along the smile line.



6. When the design is finished, protect your nail stickers with a top coat. Use a good quality top coat like Oh So Wet for lasting wear