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How a Nail Art Party!

Nail Art Parties

Things to do - things not to forget!

Nail Art parties are huge fun - whether you are a professional party organiser, hosting a party for your family or just looking for a fun excuse to get together with your friends.

Here are some useful tips and ideas to make sure that the nail art part of your party goes with a swing!

1. Clear the decks: I don't just mean tidying up and making sure you have a clean working area with everything you need to hand (of course you're going to do that!). I mean make sure that you have everything you need to take off that nasty old nail varnish so that you can start from scratch with your new nail art design. Make sure you have nail varnish remover as well as cotton pads or sponges to take it off. Also make sure you have nail files and nail scissors to tame those unruly nails before you start!

2. Get real: be realistic about how much time you want to spend here. A group of friends getting together for a pampering experience might want a full manicure with relaxing hand massage which could take about an hour per person. For others, particularly younger children, speed may be of the essence! Think about how you are going to fit nail art into your overall party and how much time per person is available.

3. Polish: Make sure you have a range of polishes GA_group.jpgavailable for everyone - our Toma range really has something for everyone! Check the condition of your polishes before the party so that you can discard any that are past their best. If the party is for younger children, make sure you use a fast drying nail polish, preferably one that is designed for children, or opt for clear base-coat as a basis for your nail art.

Before starting to apply polish, make sure you have a flat, tidy work surface. Protect the work surface with a folded towel and roll a second towel to rest wrists on (the ones of the hand you are painting - not your own!). For lasting polish coverage, don't forget to prepare the nail first with a base coat. Nailtopia supplies Toma base coats for use with the Toma polishes we stock. Apply the base coat to each nail in turn before painting with polish.

4. Correcting mistakes: I know how it is, your chatting, your eating chocolate and your painting nails at the same time. Mistakes are bound to happen! Make sure you have something available to correct your mistakes. Try our fine Q-tips dipped in nail varnish remover, a corrector pen or simply wet the end of an orange stick and wrap this in the thinnest layer of cotton wool - you can dip it in nail varnish remover and use it as a corrector pen to remove any nail varnish that falls onto the side of the nail.

5. Get arty: Once your polish is on, it's time to get arty! We recommend using Nailtopia's nail art stickers for nail art parties. This is because they are quick and easy to use and give amazing rj38_ne1_s.jpgprofessional quality results. If you are using stickers, make sure you have a selection of packs available to meet a wide range of tastes (unless you are organising a party for smaller children where offering too much choice can be very time consuming!).  If you are holding a party for friends, it is quite easy to choose designs that you think will meet their tastes. If you are holding a party for smaller children, focus on floral or animal designs or choose one of our party packs that contains a selection of stickers for smaller nails.

Developing the design might be something that you talk about and experiment with - you might think up a range of ideas for placing the stickers before hand (there is lots of inspiration on our website - just check out the Gallery!). For younger children, smaller nails will dictate where you can use stickers and you might be limited to one per nail!

Use an orange stick or a pair of tweezers to lift the nail sticker for its backing sheet. Place it gently onto the nail without disturbing the nail varnish. Pat the sticker all over gently with an orange stick - this will help it to stick and ensure that the edges don't lift.

If you are using other nail art items, like rhinestones, please make sure you read our How To's... for those items (coming soon).

6. And finally! Top coat! Once your nail art is one, you need to top coat it to protect it and prevent damage and lifting. We recommend Oh So Wet as a great nail art sealer or Toma's 45 second fast drying top coat for nail art in a hurry.

Nail Art party checklist:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton wool pads or sponges
  • Nail files
  • Nail scissors
  • Pointed Q-tips or orange sticks to correct mistakes
  • Towels
  • A selection of nail varnishes
  • Base coat
  • Nail art of your choice: nail stickers - browse our website for your favourite packs or opt for our great value party packs, rhinestones etc
  • Orange sticker and/or tweezers
  • A good quality top coat
  • Party bags - you wouldn't want your guests to go home empty handed now, would you!