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How to...nail art dangles

Tutorial - nail art dangles

Nail art dangles are a really quick and easy way to create interest on natural nails - they range from really elaborate designs like our luxury dangles to smaller, simpler dangles.  They can be applied quickly and easily and can even be used on shorter nails.

What you will need:

  • A dangle of your choice
  • Nail piercer
  • A cork-backed drinks coaster
  • At least one nail with at least 5mm of free edge (that's the white tip of your nail).
  • A small pair of pliers

1. Before you start: it's always a good idea to prepare nails well first. Apply a base coat, nail varnish and top coat and any nail art you intent to use. There are two reasons for this: firstly, it's a little tricky to varnish around a dangle (but not impossible - and you can always take it out!) but secondly it will strengthen the nail that is going to carry the piercing.

2. Get your nail piercer ready:  To use the tool, unscrew the two parts of the handle to release the drill.  Screw the top of the handle onto the screw thread to leave the drill exposed.

 3. Get steady: Place the free edge of the nail onto a flat surface – the drill may pierce this surface. A cork-backed drinks coaster makes the ideal surface! You need to have at least 5mm of free edge available. The nail needs to be pierced at approximately 2 to 3mm from the free edge and  you need to be able to do this comfortably without hurting the finger.

4. Go!: drill slowly through the selected point of the free edge turning the drill clockwise until it pierces the nail.  Remove the drill from the hole by turning anticlockwise.

5. Insert the dangle: this is where a small pair of pliers will come in handy! Open the jump ring (this is a small metal loop that can be opended and shut - there should be one at the base of your dangle and a couple of spares in the packet). Thread the jump ring through the hole that you've made and thread the dangle onto the ring. Use your pliers to close the ring firmly.

6. Enjoy!


  • For safe storage, unscrew the handle and return this to its original position covering the drill. Keep your nail piercer out of reach of children.
  • Do not use the drill to pierce nail still lying over the nail bed.
  • Dangles are no suitable for use on children as small parts present a choking hazard.