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How to...use and care for nail art brushes

Nailtopia stocks a wide range of nail art brushes and tools - and with so much choice, you're probably exactly do I use them?

Well, we;re here to help!

Firstly, just a quick note about our nail art brushes. We're against animal cruelty so we only stock brushes made from synthetic hair. We don't stock Kolinsky brushes - a kolinksy is a type of mink and that it is farmed and trapped for its tail hairs. If you care about animla welfare, you wouldn't buy a mink coat. Well, that's why we don't stock fur brushes!

Secondly, your nail art brush will last so much longer if you take care of it.  Here's how to care for your brushes: Leaving colour on the brush can weaken the fibres and lead to breaking. Clean your brushes regularly by washing them in mild soap or gentle shampoo. Rinse each brush thorougly, cleaning the ferrule (that's the metal bit that attaches the hairs to the handle!) as well as the brush fibres. After rinsing, strip the hairs of the brush from the tip downwards, then smooth them back into their original shape - now you can leave the to dry (a brush washer is ideal for this!).

Brush sizes: the brush size tells you in mm how wide the tip of the brush us. We're talking nail art here so all of our brushes are small sizes ranging from 0 to 8.

Brush types:

Brush Shape Use for: Examples
Striper  Lines! Any pattern that needs a line from flicks to stripes. We stock 3 different striper sizes - the longer brush will create a more organic line. For shorter, crisper lines, choose a shorter striper brush for greater control.  
Round Pointed    
Cat's tongue    
Flat angled