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How to...use nail art strips

Nail art tutorial

How to use Nailtopia's nail strips

Nailtopia's nail strips are long nail stickers - they can be cut, stretched and even bent to create your own unique nail art design!

To apply nail strips to natural nails, you will need:Strips-021_web.gif

  1. Tweezers 
  2.  Scissors
  3. Nailtopia’s Nail Strips
  4. Base coat/Nail varnish
  5. Top coat

1. First, prepare your nail.  Make sure that your nail colour is touch-dry before you apply Nailtopia’s instant nail art so that it doesn't smudge!



Strips-012_web.gif2. Once colour has dried, trim a section of nail strip to the required length.  This can be done in two ways:

Either, remove a section of the strip from its backing sheet and hold over the nail to judge the required length or, hold the see-through backing sheet over the nail and cut the nail strip and backing sheet together.

The strip can then be removed from the section of backing sheet.





3. When you have a section of Nail Strip, lay this on the prepared nail using an orange stick or tweezers.  We recommend using tweezers if you think you may need to stretch the strip to the desired length!





Strips-051_web.gif4. Once your nail strip is in place and your design has been completed, cover your nail art in top coat to protect it!

Top Tips: Nailtopia’s nail strips allow you to cut just the amount of nail art that you need so there is no wastage. Don't worry about being too accurate in cutting nail strips lengths - as the strip is rubber-based, it can be gently stretched to the desired length!

Why not complete your design by adding a rhinestone or two from Nailtopia’s rhinestone selection?